Resin Infiltration

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Resin Infiltration in Orange, CA

These white spots (known as hypo spots or enamel bruising) are very common and they can be caused by the decalcification of tooth enamel, which is typically a result of genetic enamel problems, trauma to the teeth, or poor dental hygiene. When a person has enamel bruising, calcium and other ions cannot reach the deep parts of the enamel, and oral health suffers as a result.

Here at Orange Premier Dental, we offer resin infiltration services for people living in and around Orange, CA. The treatment is minimally invasive and designed to lessen the appearance of white spots without requiring fillers, veneers, or another more extensive treatment.

The Benefits of Resin Infiltration

Think of resin infiltration as a building block for outstanding dental health and a beautiful smile. By resolving white spots on the teeth, resin infiltration allows patients like you to harness the beautiful, brilliant smile they want. Here are a few benefits of the procedure:

More Even Whitening Results

If you’re interested in teeth whitening services in Orange, CA, resin infiltration is a good first step. Sometimes, people who do not undergo resin infiltration first realize that teeth whitening makes the white spots on the teeth very stark and noticeable. Starting with resin infiltration services, however, will decrease the appearance of white spots and create an evenly brilliant smile.

A Non-invasive Procedure

Treatments like veneers and fillers will resolve white spots on the teeth as well. These treatments, however, are more invasive than resin infiltration services, which is a non-invasive treatment that preserves tooth structure and can be achieved in a single visit.

Better Dental Health

Resin infiltration reduces the risk of secondary conditions and can stop lesions in their tracks.

How is Resin Infiltration Performed?

During resin infiltration, your dentist will remove the outer layer of enamel that blocks calcium and other ions from penetrating the tooth and replace it with a different substance. The treatment is fast and minimally invasive. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the procedure itself:

The resin infiltration appointment will take about an hour. During this appointment, your dentist will begin with a dental cleaning to remove plaque and bacteria build-up from the teeth.

Next, we will then remove the outer layer of enamel that is blocking calcium and other ions from reaching deep parts of the tooth enamel.

Finally, we will use a finishing substance on any surfaces where we don’t see immediate improvement and apply a drying agent to all treated areas.

Once your resin infiltration treatment is finished, the results will last between 2-6 years.

Resin Infiltration Orange Premier Dental

Resolve Enamel Bruising with Resin Infiltration
at Orange Premier Dental

If you have white spots on your teeth, Orange Premier Dental can help. Our leading resin infiltration services help reduce the appearance of white spots, strengthen teeth, and enhance the outcomes of other dental procedures like tooth whitening.

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