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Kid-friendly Dentist In Orange, CA

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly dentist in Orange, CA, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Orange Premier Dental, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment that’s committed to caring for the youngest members of your family.

Whether your child needs a routine cleaning or a filling, our team is here for you.

Our Child-friendly Dental Care Services

For a dentist to be truly kid-friendly, it must provide the age-appropriate dental treatment children need for healthy teeth. Here at Orange Premier Dental, we offer a compassionate, comfortable experience for patients in the greater Orange area.

We understand that kids aren’t always excited to go to the dentist and that some may even be afraid of dental treatment. To care for your little one, we provide a kid-friendly office, dental services focused on the developing dental needs of kids, and kid-friendly education designed to make good oral hygiene a lifelong habit. We will customize treatment to the child's needs and help ease them into a regular dental routine.

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Kid-friendly Dental Services

When you come to Orange Premier Dental, you’ll find a variety of kid-friendly dental services, including the following:

Routine Cleaning

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), cavities are the top infectious disease among children. Today’s kids experience toothaches often, which can cause them to miss days of school and experience overall discomfort. To prevent dental decay and cavities, we provide routine cleaning and oral hygiene education for kids of all ages.

Preventive Care

Here at Orange Premier Dental, we are focused on providing preventative care for kids. Through preventive care methods, we can help your child avoid dental discomfort and prevent common dental health issues, like cavities and dental decay. In addition to oral hygiene education, we offer dental sealant solutions, fluoride treatments, and more.


Whether your child grinds his or her teeth at night or plays sports and needs a mouthguard to protect developing teeth, our team can deliver. We build custom mouthguards designed to fit your child’s teeth and provide unparalleled protection and support.

Fluoride Treatments

Did you know that children who have a fluoride treatment in our dental office decrease their cavity risk by 30%? Our team can craft the perfect fluoride treatment for your child depending on their age, needs, and dental concerns.

Cavity Fillings

Cavities are a common occurrence with kids. If your little one has cavities, our team can provide professional cavity filling services and ongoing oral health education to prevent future cavities from arising.

We pride ourselves on treating our clients like family. If you need skilled and compassionate professional dental care for your children, Orange Premier Dental is here to help!

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