Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in Orange, CA

If you have damaged or missing teeth, dental implants may be a good solution. Here at Orange Premier Dental, we recommend dental implants as a solution that can restore the functionality of your teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile.

Our expert team creates and places dental implants quickly, even offering same-day implants in some cases. Come see us today to learn more about how implants can enhance your smile and resolve the difficulties associated with missing teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a metal post designed to replace the root of a missing tooth. An artificial tooth or crown is placed on top of the metal post to fill the gap in the mouth and provide a functional chewing surface.

For many patients, dental implant surgery offers an alternative to procedures like dentures or bridgework. Unlike those solutions, dental implants mimic natural tooth roots and provide a more natural, permanent solution. Today, 3 million people undergo dental implant procedures each year, and that number is growing by 500,000 annually.

Who Should Have Dental Implant Surgery?

When you lose an adult tooth, it leaves a deep and problematic gap behind.
In addition to making chewing and eating difficult, the exposed tooth socket increases the risk of infection.
It can also cause other teeth to “drift” out of alignment and can lead to facial collapse. Fortunately, dental implants can help patients avoid these associated dental health issues.

In general, you may be a candidate for dental implants if you:

  • - Are missing one or more teeth
  • - Have a fully mature jawbone that is no longer growing
  • - Have enough bone tissue to secure the dental implants, or can have a bone graft
  • - Have a generally healthy mouth
  • - Do not have underlying health conditions that will make it difficult for your jawbone to heal after the procedure
  • - Are unwilling or unable to wear dentures
  • - Would like to improve your speech
  • - Do not smoke tobacco

One of the significant benefits of dental implants is that teeth restored with implants will not decay like natural teeth and will resist cavities, discoloration, and other problems. If you are looking for a sturdy, lasting, discreet replacement for missing teeth, contact us to learn more about our dental implant procedures.

The First Appointment

During the first appointment, we will examine your mouth and jaw to decide if the procedure is the right option for you. For dental implants to be successful, your gums must be healthy, and your jawbone must be strong. If we identify cavities or signs of gum disease, we will treat them before placing your dental implants.

Dental Impressions

Once we have decided on the dental implant procedure, the staff at Orange Premier Dental will take an impression of your mouth. This impression allows us to create your dental implants in our dental lab. Each synthetic tooth we build will match the size, color, and shape of the surrounding teeth and will match their color perfectly. This process guarantees a seamless, natural-looking finish.

Placing the Implant

Once we’ve built your implants, you’ll return for a follow-up appointment, during which we place the metal post of the implant(s) under your gum line. Over the next few months, the metal post and jawbone will fuse.

This creates a level of durability that cannot be replicated in other types of procedures. Once the metal post is in place, we will secure the artificial tooth to the metal post at the gum line. The results are immediate, and you can go back to eating and drinking your favorite foods right away. "

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If you’re missing teeth, dental implants present a permanent, comfortable, durable solution to the problem.

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